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How to choose?

We specialize mainly in development, production and sale of LED bulbs and LED lamps.

How to choose LED? Sample according to what you select the desired LED light source

Co potřebujete vědět:

  • What you require light - whether spatial, reflector with high brightness and low luminosity, best know what you are looking for a replacement.
  • It is good to know the parameters LED bulbs, that will glow in the fixture (bulb consumption - W, socket or thread, 230VAC or 12V) these values ​​are important for the selection of a suitable type of light source.

Selection LED bulbs determined by a few basic criteria that are of key importance for consumers. The most important of these include price, design, base, light color, durability and quality of light emitted. Some of these criteria, we will discuss below, and other properties of light sources can be found here

Used slot and threads distribution of used slots

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Source of base GU10 (230V)

zdroj s paticí GU10 (230V)

Source of base MR16 (12V)

Patice MR16

Source of base G4 (12V)

Patice G4

Source threaded E27 (230V)

Patice E27

Source threaded E14 (230V)

Patice E14


Color variations of the light emitted by codes to indicate the color of light radiated

W : white

Bílá barva

WW : warm white

Teple bílá barva

R : red

Červená barva

G : green

Zelená barva

B : blue

Modrá barva

Y : yellow

Žlutá barva



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