We specialize mainly in development, production and sale of LED bulbs and LED lamps..

Quality policy

Our quality policy is aimed at achieving full satisfaction of our long-term customers. Maintenance of quality and keeping delivery terms are the fundamental considerations. Politika jakosti Quality policy – The approach of all employees at all levels to their work is an important condition for presentation of the company in public and for good customer assessment as well as for acquiring new customers and orders. Focusing on quality of suppliers and improving working environment is our way to make labour productivity more effective and to create a cooperative atmosphere in the workplace.

Our aim is to improve awareness of all employees at all levels and thus create substitutability necessary to keep our customers complacent. The company committed itself to continuous improvement of efficiency of the quality management system in accordance with standards ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001.

EMS policy

Our company commits itself to adequate and continuous improvement in environment protection on our premises beyond the terms of regulations in force. Our effort is to burden the environment as little as possible and to achieve this we use alternative and economical technologies. Politika EMS EMS policy – Constant supervision and control activities are the main tools for improving environment protection on our premises. We regularly provide our employees with adequate training and extensive information to maintain the high quality standards of our services and to ensure compliance with EMS and thus we create their awareness of responsibility for quality, safety and environment protection. Continuous analyzing and evaluation of potential environmental impacts are prerequisite for accident prevention and employee protection and they also help to prevent leakage of harmful substances.

All company activities are done in accordance with the law in force and environment protection regulations. We do not want our activities to damage the environment; on the contrary we would like to have positive impacts on it through implementing effective prevention. Continuous EMS system efficiency improvement is inseparable from prosperous company management.

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7 December 2012 | 0 komentář
New power supplies MeanWell to shop.
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1 December 2012 | 0 komentář
New ceiling lights to shop.
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1 November 2011 | 0 comments
Actions to LED bulbs 1 + 2 GRATIS.
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A project aimed at technology innovation, brown fields reconstruction and usage and decrease in unemployment rate in the area of Volary was started with support of the European Union and South Bohemian Region.

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Business innovation in the Elim Company ® spol. s r.o. 4.1IN04 / 444 The programme was started with support of the European Union and a project for business promotion and innovation.

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