We specialize mainly in development, production and sale of LED bulbs and LED lamps.

LED assortment - lighting We specialize mainly in development, production and sale of LED bulbs and LED lamps.

LED - light diodes are over 40 years old, yet in a few last years they have made great technological progress. It is one of the fastest developing spheres of lightning. New production technologies and techniques and efficient production organization make it possible to start assembly line production of new types of LED lamps in short periods of time. This trend has also been influenced by legislative measures of the European Union which set requirements for energy efficiency of light bulbs and lights. The outstanding feature of the latest strong LED diodes is their flexibility. They are available in a variety of angles, colour properties and luminous efficiency. It is evident that the development of the last property in particular will keep making rapid progress.


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LED lamps

In 2004 the Elim® Company was one of the first companies in the Czech Republic to start development of LED bulbs and LED. A development team was set up and in 2005 first certified products appeared on the Czech market. They were LED bulbs® with thread E27. Latest technologies that meet the standards are used in the production and high quality is of the main importance. That is why warranty of some of our products can reach up to ten years.

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LED bulbs

LED bulb

LED bulb development follows fast progress in LED technologies. A rise in competition of producers and suppliers affects the pace of development and prices – every year new LED lamps with higher efficiency and lower prices are launched. Due to this development LED lamps are becoming more popular and more available for a wider range of customers and they are gaining an important position on lightning technology market.

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LED lamps

LED lamps

To meet the demand the Elim® Company launched wall-mounted lamps OS-P, OS-D in 2007 and OS-K in 2009. The unquestionable advantage of these LED lamps is that they can be installed into electrical box KU68 at the nominal voltage of 230W/AC. Another product called "Starlit Sky" is very popular with customers Orientation lights, linear LED lights suitable for kitchen units or showcases and LED spotlights are on our offer too.

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LED strips

LED tape

The generally known LED strips has a wide range of applications nowadays. It is available with a cover or without a cover IP65, in a variety of colour versions including RGB and with 150, 300 or 600 LED per 5 metres of length. LED tapes are most frequently used to light shop windows, kitchen units, staircases and other furniture as well as illuminate letters and signs on advertising boards.

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A project aimed at technology innovation, brown fields reconstruction and usage and decrease in unemployment rate in the area of Volary was started with support of the European Union and South Bohemian Region.

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