ELIM spol. s r.o. electronic & LED light

  • 1993

    The story of ELIM spol. s r.o.

    we started to write in 1993. From the set up, the company has been working at the field of electrical engineering and electronics. We have successfully realized a number of orders from development, prototype to mass production. Since then, our firm has grown for a company that can offer top-level services in that kind of industry.

  • 2004

    The first LED bulb made in Czech Republic

    Key year for the ELIM. We were the first in Czech Republic who used LED technology in the world of light. The results of our effort was the first LED bulb.

  • 2020

    Within almost of 30 years of ELIM

    were our customers well-known companies like ŠKODA Auto, REALPROGRES Letiště Praha, Model Obaly Opava… We have done for them the electronic development.
    In addition to the Czech Republic, we currently supply our products and services to Germany, Italy, France, UK, Norway…The motto of 90 employees is: not to sell, but to fulfill the wishes and needs of the all customers who ask us for a solution.

    References of our important customers at the field of EMS ( Electronics manufacturing services):

    Air and sea transport
    Military industry
    Space program
    Automation and robotics

Development, production and services in electronic industry (EMS)

We offer to our customer full sevice at the field of electronic

Are you looking for a partner for development, production and services in the field of electronics? Do you need or are you looking for a supplier with many years of experience and experts in the field of electrical engineering? Just write or call us.

We have many years of experience

We offer you almost 30 years of experience in this field, we are ready to offer you full services in this field from design, prototype production to series according to your requirements and to become your partner in all seriousness.

The highest quality standard

Regardless of whether you need mass or piece production, in our company we follow the highest quality standards and optimally adapt them to the relevant customer requirements.

Certified company

We have been a certified company according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since 2004. Further more, we have VDE certificate from 2016

Our customers

Our customers are leading suppliers of machinery and equipment to industries such as the automotive, military and consumer industries, logistics, aviation, train transport.

Služby v elektronice-Součásti konektoru

Electromechanical and electronic assembly

  • Electromechanical and electronic assembly according to design / drawing of the customer.
  • Sending of quote during 24 hours. Fast delivery time. Know-how of our employees moves our company to the top in this kind of services.
  • All employees are trained according to IPC standards by a certified company.
  • Production is done on modern equipments that meet demanding quality requirements. Tools, machines and jigs are designed and manufactured by our experts with many years of experience in that field.
Služby v elektronice-Fáze výroby

Tvarování pozlacených kontaktů.


Osazení kontaktů do těla izolačního konektoru.


Jednosložkový epoxid.


Fixování kontaktů epoxidovou hmotou.

  • We pay special attention to compliance with all regulations and standards. We place great emphasis on costs, protective measures and prevention so that production is carried out precisely from the beginning, and thus in order to avoid the costs of over time or defective products. We try to meet every customer’s requirements.
  • If you want to send an inquiry or other wise use our services, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Cable assembly & wire harnessing

  • Do you have a request for cable assembly & wire harnessing? Then we are the right partner for you.
  • We support you from planning of your project to realization. Our qualified staff is at your disposal. All our employees of cable assembly / wire harnessing are trained according to the IPC / WHMA-620 standard and this is a guarantee that the result of cable assembly meets the strict requirements of this standard.
  • We assembly all cables (power, optical, coaxial, flat, light) according to customer wishes, standards and required specifications.
  • Offers and quote are sent within 24 hours. We are ready to deliver a prototype, piece, small series and mass production. We work with suppliers of cables and components to offer our customers the optimal solution in terms of quality and price.
  • Do you want the highest quality cable assembly? Do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry by email or phone.
Konfekce / montáže kabelů a kabelových sestav-48 pinové konektory
  • Cable assembly is done by manually and machine. Contacts are crimped (manual / machine) or soldered.
  • We use various types of potting compounds cured in ovens in production.
  • We use a cooling box for testing.
  • Marking is done by laser, tampon or printing various types of tubes on printers.
  • We perform final tests such as test continuity, highvoltage test, short-circuit test, insulation test. Adapters for testers are manufactured and designed by our qualified staff.
  • Untying of cable assembly followed with test.
  • Tests are with protocols where all required limits are displayed. Test results are supplied in paper or electronic.

• PCB assembly

Osazování, letování a testování desek plošných spojů (DPS)

Lead-free soldering with the Kirsten soldering wave


Lead soldering with SEHO soldering wave.


PCB inspections and tests are done on our equipments. Jigs / tools are designed and manufactured by our experts.


PCB assembly is carried out according to IPC-610 standards.

Osazování, letování a testování desek plošných spojů (DPS)
  • Our services in the field of PCB assembly include development, PCB design, prototype / small series / large series production and testing.
  • You will receive a proposal with quote within 48 hours. Our goal is to offer the customer optimal processing with the best quality.
  • PCB assembly is carried out according to IPC-610 standards. All employees have been trained according to that standard by external certified company.
  • PCB assembly is done with classic components. In the case of SMD assembly, we use our external partners.
  • PCB soldering is performed using a lead-free Kirsten Jet soldering machine. Due to the fact that we supply to the military industry, we also offer our customers soldering with a lead soldering wave on the SEHO machine.
  • PCB inspection and testing is performed with our equipments and jigs / adapters are designed and manufactured by our experts.
  • If you are looking for a flexible partner for the production of PCB assembly prototypes / small series / large orders, our team is ready to meet your requirements.
  • If you want to send an inquiry or otherwise use our services, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Assembly of plastic products

  • Do you want to assemble any thing from plastic? And not only from plastic? Contact us and we will assembly it for you in our separate assembly division.
  • Our division of machine and manual assembly of plastic products meet the most demanding requirements for this type of production. Our biggest customer at that type of production is the company Aptar.
  • As our customers are also suppliers to the food industry, we must meet demanding hygiene requirements for production, absolute clean liness and dust-free.
  • In our assembly division, we meet all requirements for large and mass assembly. Production is covered by three work shifts, so we can offer our customers fast and timely delivery
  • Assembly are done at modern machines, or with the help of hand jigs. The quote within 24 hours is a matter of course.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact us with your request. We believe that we are able to offer you the optimal solution to your requirements.
  • You can contact us by e-mail or phone
Ruční a strojní montáže výrobků z plastu
Quality and testing of our products

  • The company ELIM spol. s r.o. is the holder of ISO 9001 quality certificates and meets the environmental requirements according to the ISO 14001 standard. We were first certified according to these two standards in 2004.
  • In 2016, we were certified according to the VDE standard.
The company ELIM holds the following certificates:

  • Satisfied customer 2018-2020

  • ELIM®s.r.o. certificate 9001   
  • ELIM®s.r.o. certificate 14001

Quality policy

The company’s quality policy is primarily focused on creating conditions for the satisfaction of our long-term customers, primarily through the quality of delivered products and compliance with delivery dates. All employees at all levels, by their approach to their work, decide on the presentation of the company in public and during customer evaluations, and thus on acquiring new customers and orders, and thus determine the direction of the company’s further development. By focusing on the quality of suppliers and improving the working environment, we create the conditions for streamlining work productivity and creating well-being at workplaces.

Our goal is to improve awareness at all levels and thereby create substitutability important for customer satisfaction. The company is committed to continuously increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016

EMS policy

Our company is committed to adequate and constant improvement of environmental protection in our operations, even beyond the scope of applicable regulations. Our aim is to minimize the burden on the environment by using alternative and economical technologies. The basis for improving environmental protection in operations is continuous supervision and control activities. Qualified employees are the basis of the quality of our services and compliance with EMS. Through ongoing education and comprehensive information, we help to raise awareness of responsibility for quality, safety and environmental protection. Continuous analysis and evaluation of events. of ecological impacts is a prerequisite for preventing accidents, serves to protect employees and prevents the leakage of harmful substances.

All activities of the organization will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations for environmental protection. We do not want to burden the environment with our activities, but on the contrary to positively influence it by introducing effective prevention. Continuous improvement of the efficiency of the EMS system is an integral part of company management.



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